Point of Care Tests (POCT)

Our interdisciplinary team of chemists, biologists and engineers work closely with key opinion leaders and external SMEs to develop rapid diagnostic tests and assays designed for end users in the field, clinical offices and hospital bedsides.

Zymeron’s POC test kits include a portable or handheld reader and single-use immunoassay or aptamer-based assay cartridges. The sample collector and assay cartridge are integrated in one self-contained device for easy use, convenient handling and minimized operator steps. The test achieves enhanced sensitivity comparable to laboratory immunoassays (i.e. ELISA and microparticle EIAs) through the use of fluorescent nanoprobes. Our rapid POC tests overcome the drawbacks (i.e. low sensitivity) of conventional paper-based assays while taking advantage of their many inherent attributes as an ideal rapid, low-cost, and point-of-care test format. We have developed different device configurations to handle singleplex or multiplex analytes from a broad range of clinical, veterinary, forensic and environmental samples including contaminated water, blood, plasma, urine, saliva, swabs and digestible tissues.

Our product development and commercialization use flexible process but follow the same basic principles. It starts with market research to identify end user needs, design product concept, conduct feasibility studies, assay optimization, design verification, system integration, and clinical validation. Zymeron’s POCT program focuses on infectious disease monitoring and emergent threat agent detection.

POCT Product Pipeline

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