We innovate and create advanced materials and material systems using bioinspired synthetic methods and engineering strategies.

AquaShield™ Membrane

AquaShield is a polymer membrane with biomimetic surface morphology and extremely low surface energy attributing to its superhydrophobicity and superoleophilicity. AquaShield membrane has superior porosity of >85% by volume, water contact angle over 160⁰, and oil contact angle of 0⁰. We developed a one-step, roll-to-roll process for its large-scale manufacture and trial runs have produced several hundred meters of membranes.  AquaShield is being developed as water barrier filters for aviation fuel filtration and was demonstrated capable of rejecting >99.99% of free water and achieving less than 1 ppm water in the downstream fuels at rated flow conditions according to the recent Energy Institute guidelines. AquaShield spiral wound membrane elements achieve excellent water rejection while maintaining high fuel flux and extremely low differential pressure, meeting all EI 1588 requirements.

AquaShield product pipeline includes water barrier filter for aviation fuel monitoring and AWH water harvesting. The EI 1588 filters have current TRL of 4-5, Prototype demonstration, validation in laboratory and simulated environments. Other commercial applications of AquaShield that are being pursed include water/oil separation, liquid and gas dehydration, and moisture protection of electronics.

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