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Sample Collection

Starting with chemically synthesized polymers and natural biopolymers Zymeron develops novel drug delivery formulations, focusing on long lasting formulations with targeted or triggered drug release features.  We also develop protective dermal  formulations to mitigate toxin-induced tissue damages. 

Zymeron is a research-stage biotechnology company and develops cost-effective nanomaterials and polymer-based biomaterials to solve problems facing the biomedical industry. Our strategy is to develop practical and sensible solutions to technical challenges that are identified through comprehensive assessment of market needs and current technology gaps. We start with customer experience, identify benefits we can bring to customers and meet their needs, and next our scientists and engineers work to develop and customize technologies. Our beyond the box thinking allows us to develop innovative technological solutions to our partners and deliver products to the markets we are committed to serve.

Sample collection and processing, analyte enrichment or purification are critical to the success of diagnostic assays particularly for point-of-care, home use tests and field-deployable devices. Simplified operations with minimum hands-on time or timed steps can dramatically improve the test consistency and user compliance. 

Our IVD assays benefit from  nanomaterial-empowered signal amplification strategies allowing to detect and quantitate multiple analytes at a broad dynamic range and ultrasensitivity; novel sample collection and processing (enrichment) techniques can further improve the assay performance if necessary. 

Drug Delivery & Formulation

In Vitro Diagnostics